2013 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
262  Representative Cadyn Perez (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Jake Clemens E-reader StateText Books SB 27 Senate Education 4/15/2013
263  Ross Baker (Resurrection Middle)  Caydn Perez College Tuition Debt Forgiveness for State Employees
(Privacy Option Selected)
HB 01 House Education 3/20/2014
264  Representative Brooke Holley (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Sarah Sandoz Speed Limit Bill SB 01 Senate Transportation 4/15/2013
265  Representative Sarah Cox (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Sarah Deano Three Consecutive Accidents Bill HB 02 House Transportation 4/15/2013
266  Representative Abby Ladner (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Carsen Cuevas Buffet Requirement of Stating Calorie Count SB 02 Senate Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
267  Representative Laura Grace Ritten (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Mathilde Gagnet Soliciting on Public Roadways HB 03 House Transportation 4/15/2013
268  Representative Jordan Cruthirds (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Kyleigh McNeill Income Tax SB 03 Senate Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
269  Representatie Brooke Raziano (Our Lady Academy)  Senatr Emma Funk Handicapped Permit for Pregnant Women SB 04 Senate Transportation 4/15/2013
270  Representative Emily Hollingsworth (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Nancy Newman EBT Card Bill HB 04 House Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
271  Representative Madeline Samson (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Alia Tayara Bankruptcy Limit of Exempt Personal Property HB 05 House Judicial 4/15/2013
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