2011 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
138  Representative Blair Doyle (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Lauren Puzz A Law to Prevent Animal Cruelty HB 01 House Health & Human Services 4/6/2011
139  Representative Henry Halphen (St. Stanislaus)  Senator Reid Horstmyer To Legalize Three Card Monte In the State of Mississippi SB 16 Senate Transportation 4/4/2011
140  Representative Alex Denette (St. Stanislaus)  Senator Sam Reeder Legalize Gambling on the Outcome of Sports HB 21 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
141  Representative Tommy Reeder (St. Stanislaus)  Senator Michael Sandoz Dead Voting SB 22 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
142  Representative Brendon Caliva (St. Stanislaus)   Dog Attack Bill HB 08 House Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
143  Representative Sofia Taconi (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Emma Holland Jail Building Requirements SB 21 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
144  Representative Kaley Geroux (Our Lady Academy)  Senato Jenna Trapani Road Surface Markings HB 18 House Transportation 4/4/2011
145  Representative Brittany Corder (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Jamie Cox Tax on Cigarette Packs SB 04 Senate Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
146  Representative Heather Brown (Our Lady Academy)   Citizens over seventy (70) must retake driving test to renew license and insurance HB 12 House Transportation 4/4/2011
147  Representative Georgia Williams (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Sarah Rimmer Tax on Alcoholic Beverages HB 22 House Judicial 4/4/2011
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