2014 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
394  Representative Becht Rowell (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Edward Boland School Security Screening Systems HB 32 House Education 3/31/2014
395  Representative Maggie Mestayer (Resurrection Middle)  Representative Kathleen O'Sullivan Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Requirement for Teacher and Other School Employee Certification SB 32 Senate Education 4/1/2014
396  Representative Lane Wieniewitz (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Avery Barlow The banning of Shark Fins for sale, trade, possession, or distrubution in Mississippi HB 33 House Judicial 3/31/2014
397  Representative Emma Landry (Resurrection Middle)  Representative Anna Delgado School Recycling Program based on Incentive Funding SB 33 Senate Education 3/31/2014
398  Representative Cheyenne Winn (Brandon Middle School)  Representative Zoi Hales Working Age HB 34 House Judicial 4/1/2014
399  Representative Aaron Broadus (St. Patrick Middle)  Representative Anthony Schloegel Study Session at School SB 34 Senate Education 4/2/2014
400  Representative Austin Brown (Christ Covenant School)  Representative Justin Matheny Worldview Unit HB 35 House Education 3/31/2014
401  Representative Mary Brook Brown (Christ Covenant School)  Representative Parker Bounds MANDATORY PHYSICAL EDUCATION SB 35 Senate Education 3/31/2014
402  Jaryd Burnham (Brandon Middle School)  William Harpole Changing Public School Hours 4/1/2014
403  Megan Calhoun (Southaven High School)  Karen Nguyen Make Rape Kits a Priority
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