2014 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
354  Representative Logan Gage (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Easton Sheffield Pick-up Truck Passenger Violations HB 13 House Transportation 4/4/2014
355  Representative Phoebe Carlton (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Alex Reichle Land Contract Disaster Disclosure SB 13 Senate Judicial 3/31/2014
356  Representative Joseph Upton (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Robert Wasson Same Day Voter Registration HB 14 House Judicial 3/31/2014
357  Representative Mary Dunbar (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Ava Waller Mississippi Anti-National Defense Act SB 14 Senate Judicial 3/31/2014
358  Representative Elly Lamb (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Mary Margaret Mitchell Ignition Interlock Law for DUI Offenders HB 15 House Transportation 3/31/2014
359  Representative Marie Seicshnaydre (St. Patrick Middle)  Senator Chelsea Hayes Driver's license issued early to honer students SB 15 Senate Transportation 3/31/2014
360  Representative Paul Andress (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Hays Dubberly Wild Hog Bill HB 16 House Judicial 3/31/2014
361  Representative Mary Helen Skelton (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Kacie Van Pelt Mississippi Voting Period Extension SB 16 Senate Judicial 3/31/2014
362  Representative Ann Clardy Byrd (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Jordan Davis Tobacco Abuse Education HB 17 House Education 3/31/2014
363  Representative Emily Broussard (St. Patrick Middle)  Representative Abby Yates A person over seventy years old must retake the drivers test every year SB 17 Senate Transportation 3/31/2014
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