2014 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
344  Representative Josiah Carroll (Christ Covenant School)  Representative Hannah Arnold Drug tests for Welfare Citizens HB 08 House Judicial 3/31/2014
345  Representative Ellie Campbell (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Mary Patton Murphy No Fine Placed on Farmers for Killing Vultures Acting as Nuisances HB 37 House Judicial 3/31/2014
346  Representative Natalie Gault (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Erykah Stasher Limited Number of Patients for Every Nurse HB 09 House Education 3/31/2014
347  Representative Mary Katherine Filipich (St. Patrick Middle)  Senator Anna Katherine Fore Drug Test Commerial Bus Drivers SB 09 Senate Education 3/31/2014
348  Representative Elizabeth Van Horn (St. Patrick Middle)  Senator Lauren Skinner Defibrillator Act HB 10 House Education 4/3/2014
349  Representative Mary Catherine Kalil (St. Patrick Middle)  Representative Alexis LaRosa Food Stamp Fairness Act SB 10 Senate Judicial 3/31/2014
350  Representative Aidan Rummells (Christ Covenant School)  Representative Alex Stradinger Tax incentive for Social Media companies newly located in MS HB 11 House Judicial 3/31/2014
351  Representative Anna Kat Ireland (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Hannah O'Bryan Mississippi Kayak and Canoe Trail SB 11 Senate Transportation 3/31/2014
352  Representative Andrew Lott (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Dylan Malone Private School Tax Deduction HB 12 House Education 3/31/2014
353  Representative Holman Buchanan (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator William Leech Elderly Annual Driver's Test SB 12 House Transportation 3/31/2014
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