2013 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
292  Becht Rowell (Resurrection Middle)  Edward Boland School Security Screening Systems
(Privacy Option Selected)
293  Representative John Moran (St. Patrick Middle)  Representative Anthony Schloegel A periodic clean up of our government's laws HB 15 House Judicial 4/17/2013
294  Representative Lilly Osing (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Mary Filipich An Act to ban smoking in dining establishments in Mississippi SB 14 Senate Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
295  Representative Madi Hansen (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Julia Hancock DRIVING ABILITY RENEWAL TEST SB 15 Senate Transportation 4/15/2013
296  Represenative Nora Nimmo (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Kaitlyn Overstreet Back Baby Bill HB 16 House Transportation 4/16/2013
297  Anne Elizabeth Harrington (Christ Covenant School)  Kaylee Sims PUBLIC SCHOOL SPORTS PRACTICES AND HIGH HEAT INDEXES HB 17 House Health & Human Services 3/7/2014
298  Representative Ben Jones (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Matthew Matheny Requirements for elderly renewing license SB 16 Senate Transportation 4/15/2013
299  Representative Emily Clark (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Anna Schimpf Reusable Grocery Bag Tax Break HB 18 House Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
300   Bill Withdrawn by Sponsor 4/15/2013
301  Representative Shelby McKee (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Hannah Arnold Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients SB 17 Senate Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
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