2013 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
272  Representative Nicolette Phillips (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Caroline Samson Guardian Bill SB 05 Senate Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
273  Representative Sarah Berry Pierce (Our Lady Academy)   Pupcakes Bill HB 06 House Transportation 4/15/2013
274  Representative Theresa Crowe (Our Lady Academy)  Sentaor Candi Gordon Discount For Not Using Enviromentally Damaging Bags SB 06 Senate Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
275  Representative Kloe Lloyd (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Brynnan Breland Child Abuse Amendment SB 29 Senate Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
276  Representative Anna Denette (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Ashley Borzik seperate classes by gender SB 07 Senate Education 4/15/2013
277  Representative Natalie Favre (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Hailey Bertucci HB 07 House Education 4/15/2013
278  Representative Mary Rimmer (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Lauryn Kidd Two strikes you're out! HB 30 House Health & Human Services 4/15/2013
279  Representative Hannah Herrin (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Savannah Hunter AN ACT TO ALLOW ALL WOMEN IN THIRD TRIMESTER OF PREGNANCY TO APPLY FOR A HANDICAP PARKING PASS HB 08 House Transportation 4/16/2013
280  Representative Paul Andress (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Hays Dubberly AN ACT TO BAN TEXTING WHILE DRIVING SB 08 Senate Transportation 4/15/2013
281  Representative Emily Claire Herring (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Sarah Helen Skelton AN ACT TO GIVE $500 TAX CREDIT TO PARENTS WHOSE CHILDREN MAKE A CERTAIN GRADE IN SCHOOL HB 09 House Education 4/15/2013
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