2012 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
251  Representative Blake Brown (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Jacob Beard Eliminate state income tax HB 23 House Judicial 4/30/2012
252  Representative Grace Parker (St. Patrick High School)   Teen no text/talk in a motor vehicle SB 23 Senate Transportation 4/30/2012
253  Representative Max Harrigill (Madison-Ridgeland Middle)  Representative Tori Harrigill Tags for dogs HB 24 House Judicial 4/30/2012
254  Representative Adam Crawford (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Avery Harmon AN ACT TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF PARDONS OFFERED BY A MISSISSIPPI GOVERNOR SB 24 Senate Judicial 4/30/2012
255  Representative Brooke Gibson (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Rachel Ryan Admission Change for Teens HB 25 House Judicial 5/3/2012
256  Representative Nestor Delgado (Resurrection Middle)   Replacing State Textbooks with Electronic Textbook Publishers SB 25 Senate Education 5/1/2012
257  Representative Sam Scarborough (Resurrection Middle)   An Act to provide Elevators in small, public and private schools HB 26 House Transportation 4/30/2012
258  Jake Clemens (Resurrection Middle)  Caydn Perez E-readers for state text books 4/9/2013
259  Representative Riley Brown (Resurrection Catholic School)   Salad Bars: More Choice in the Cafeteria Lunch Line HB 27 House Health & Human Services 5/1/2012
260  Representative Shannon Unger (Resurrection Catholic School)  Representative Jordan Spradlin To Limit or Restrict Domestic Animal Euthanasia through Shelter Adoption Services SB 27 Senate Judicial 5/1/2012
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