2012 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
241  Representative Madi Hansen (St. Patrick High School)  Senator JR Riojas Drivers' Safety HB 20 House Transportation 4/30/2012
242  Representative Shelby Martin (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Desiree Goodfellow An Act to Ensure All People Running for Government Office Have Taxes Paid and Current SB 19 Senate Judicial 4/30/2012
243  Representative Ron Carlo Farrow (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Ivar Astuson A bill to increase the taxes on tobacco products sold in Mississippi SB 20 Senate Health & Human Services 4/30/2012
244   Bill Withdrawn by Sponsor 4/30/2012
245  Sarah Vaughn (Hillcrest Christian Legislature)  Rebecca Harris
(Privacy Option Selected)
246  Baylee Richardson (Hillcrest Christian Legislature)  Lauren Johnson
(Privacy Option Selected)
247  Representative Caroline Rinker (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Hannah Wagner Community Service for Tuition Assistance HB 21 House Judicial 5/3/2012
248  Representative Hannah Janus (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Claire Gautier Annual, random drug tests for persons receiving public assistance SB 21 Senate Health & Human Services 4/30/2012
249  Representative Kaylee Sims (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Anne Elizabeth Harrington Dog enclosures HB 22 House Judicial 4/30/2012
250  Representative Seth Albritton (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Aidan Creel Storm shelters SB 22 Senate Transportation 4/30/2012
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