2012 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
221  Representative Taylor Kelly (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Kathleen McMackin Public School Sports for Homeschoolers HB 10 House Judicial 4/30/2012
222  Representative Chet Rodrigue (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Shane Dusang A bill to prevent people from using their cell phone while driving a motor vehcle SB 10 Senate Transportation 4/30/2012
223  Representative Andrew Arata (St. Stanislaus)   An Act to Establish a State Lottery HB 11 House Judicial 4/30/2012
224   (St. Stanislaus)   Test
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225  Representative Brendon Caliva (St. Stanislaus)  Senator James Lucore Animal Sign Law SB 11 Senate Health & Human Services 4/30/2012
226  Representative Sofia Cooper (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Sylvia Taylor Limit to Bill Board Letters and Symbols HB 12 House Transportation 4/30/2012
227  Representative Olivia Brown (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Kelley Frances Henley AN ACT TO ADD A BICYCLE/WALKING LANE TO THE NATCHEZ TRACE FROM PASQUO, TENNESSEE, TO NASHVILLE, TN SB 12 Senate Transportation 4/30/2012
228  Representative Molly Haire (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Martha Rayner AN ACT TO BAN MISSISSIPPI CITIZENS FROM USING HAND-HELD CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING SB 13 Senate Transportation 4/30/2012
229  Representative Adam Crawford (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Avery Harmon AN ACT TO PROHIBIT TEXTING WHILE DRIVING A MOTOR VEHICLE SB 14 Senate Transportation 4/30/2012
230  Representative Maddie Diket (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Hannah Herrin Act to require a written test every eight years for Driver's License renewal HB 13 House Transportation 4/30/2012
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