2012 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
211  Representative Shayne Brennan (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Sarah Rimmer Amend Section 93-15-103 of the Mississippi Code of 1972 HB 05 House Judicial 4/30/2012
212  Claire Lundgren (Our Lady Academy)  Nancy Newman State drivers licenses to be discounted if you agree to be an organ donor
(Privacy Option Selected)
213  Representative Brooke Holley (Our Lady Academy)  Representative Kyleigh McNeill Minimum Speed Limit HB 06 House Transportation 4/30/2012
214  Representative Gina Grotkowski (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Courtney Brown Abolish smoking in all restaurants SB 06 Senate Health & Human Services 4/30/2012
215  Representative Nick Bevis (St. Stanislaus)  Senator Nick Romano Drug Tests to all Welfare Recipients HB 07 House Health & Human Services 4/30/2012
216  Representative Jeffery Taylor (St. Stanislaus)   Loser Pays HB 08 House Judicial 4/30/2012
217  Representative Grace Nicaud (Our Lady Academy)  Representative Morgan Ulrich raise maximum sentence for manslaughter SB 07 Senate Judicial 4/30/2012
218  Representative Candice Gordon (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Alia Tayara Pet License SB 08 Senate Judicial 4/30/2012
219  Representative Eric Million (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Andrew Lectner Discounted spay and neutering services for low income people HB 09 House Health & Human Services 4/30/2012
220  Representative Mary Agnes Mestayer (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Blair Harbison To make the legal age for tobacco ninteen SB 09 Senate Judicial 4/30/2012
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