2011 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
188  Senator Shane Dusang (St. Patrick High School)   To create a Federal Law pertaining to Senate Bill 2280 (SB 2280). SB 25 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
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190  Reresentative Mary Rebecca Schloegel (St. Patrick High School)  Repsentative Michie Guida Clean Hands Act of 2011 SB 07 Senate Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
191  Representative Addie guida (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Sophie kremer TEACHER RE-CERTIFICATION ACT HB 23 House Judicial 4/4/2011
192  Representative Ellis Armond (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Emma Foster Electronic School ID Cards HB 25 House Judicial 4/4/2011
193  Representative Nestor Delgado (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Daniel Blackburn AN ACT TO ESTABLISH A STATE LOTTERY SB 19 Senate Transportation 4/6/2011
194  Representative Ben Blackburn (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Brandon Doby Replace the Purchase of State Text Books with the Purchase of Electronic Book Publishers HB 30 House Judicial 4/4/2011
195  Representative Brady Avara (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Carly Bond To establish a state funded rebate for animal owners who show proof of spaying or neutering. SB 06 Senate Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
196  Representative Cormac O'Sullivan (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Reid Bond Using Magnetic Strip technology as an age verifier to prevent underage drinking HB 16 House Transportation 4/4/2011
197  Nicki Reeder (Our Lady Academy)   Sample Bill 9/26/2011
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