2011 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
178  Representative Shelby Martin (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Desiree Goodfellow A Law Allowing Citizens to Vote on Annexation HB 28 House Judicial 4/29/2012
179  Representative Stephen Clark (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Hannah Janus Mississippi State Tax Credit for Parochial/Private School Tuition HB 24 House Judicial 4/4/2011
180  Senator Joseph Cook (St. Patrick High School)   To Require That the Pledge of Allegiance be Said Each Day in Public Schools SB 14 Senate Transportation 4/4/2011
181  Representative Tori Harrigill (Madison-Ridgeland Middle)  Senator Max Harrigill DOGS TO WEAR TAGS LISTING CONTACT INFORMATION OF OWNER SB 02 Senate Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
182  Representative Krishna Desai (Madison-Ridgeland Middle)  Senator Taylor Rankin BAN SMOKING WHILE OPERATING MOTOR VEHICLE ON PUBLIC ROADS HB 04 House Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
183  Representative Caroline Rinker (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Ramsey Wagner A Law To Prevent Smoking In A Car With Children On Board HB 03 House Health & Human Services 4/5/2011
184  Representative Jenna Starks (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Sydney Broussard To require restaurants to post food inspection forms where people can see it. HB 29 House Judicial 4/4/2011
185  Represenative Mellie Weitzel (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Annie Taylor To Repel Section 63-2-3 of the Mississippi Code SB 29 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
186  Representative Jason Slater (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Preston Cox Amending the Medicaid Policy that Funds Analog Hearing Aids to Minor Recipients SB 03 Senate Health & Human Services 4/7/2011
187  Representative Bruce Dent (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Sheldon Compton To be eligible for benefits in Mississippi an adult must be a registered voter and have a drivers l SB 01 Senate Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
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