2011 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
168  Representative Burney Threadgill (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Jesse Pound Banning Sale of Energy Drinks to Minors HB 09 House Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
169  Representative Mary Hailey Sinyard (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Jessica Patch Prohibiting Legislation Against Certain Breeds or Types of Dogs SB 26 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
170  Representative Kyle Culbertson (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Matthew Stuart Requiring a Car Window Sticker for Learner's Permit Drivers HB 11 House Transportation 4/4/2011
171  Representative Ann Hilton Buckner (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Catherine Burgess Requiring All Passengers in a Moving Vehicle to Wear a Seat Belt HB 17 House Transportation 4/4/2011
172  Representative Read Carlton (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Karl Hatten Adding a Bicycle Lane to Lakeland Drive HB 15 House Transportation 4/4/2011
173  Representative Ben Van Pelt (Christ Covenant School)  Representative Matt Pennington Incentivize Recycling HB 06 House Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
174  Representative Joseph Simpson (Christ Covenant School)  Senator Thomas Smith Our Bill is about if your ten years old or under you must be with an adult while hunting. HB 07 House Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
175  Representative Collin Hoffman (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Christian Coker Doubling Fine for Sale of Tobacco to Minors Within One Mile Radius of Schools SB 05 Senate Health & Human Services 4/4/2011
176  Representative Ebony Aiken (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Sarah Kennedy Duncan Act to Require Animal Abuse Offenders to Register on a Public Registry SB 23 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
177  Representative Courtney Ladner (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Hannah Wagner To require a license in order to drive an ATV in Mississippi HB 14 House Transportation 4/6/2011
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