2011 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
148  Representative Tricia Williams (Our Lady Academy)  Senator CiCi Lamb Mandatory Driving Course SB 17 Senate Transportation 4/4/2011
149  Representative Mattie Huey (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Lexi Smith Education and Rehabilitation Programs for Juvenile Prison Reforms SB 24 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
150  Representative Savannah Gaillot (Our Lady Academy)  Representative Maggie Koenig To raise the texting fine while driving HB 27 House Judicial 4/4/2011
151  Representative Cordy Hotard (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Whitney Grannan Requiring Tarps on Trucks SB 13 Senate Transportation 4/4/2011
152  Representative Nicholas Bevis (St. Stanislaus)  Senator Nick Romano Recycling Program Act SB 18 Senate Transportation 4/6/2011
153  Representative Sam Wittmann (St. Stanislaus)  Senator Matthew Tucker The Medieval Bill SB 20 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
154  Representataive Allison Daneault (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Amber Smith Require Everyone Who Resides in Mississippi to Speak Fluent English SB 28 Senate Judicial 4/4/2011
155  Representative Bailey Waltman (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Cecilia Fountain This bill requires that all major intersections have a stoplight SB 11 Senate Transportation 4/4/2011
156  Representative Rachel Ryan (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Victoria Leckich A bill to require a person to have thier blood type on their drivers license HB 10 House Transportation 4/4/2011
157  Representative Ben Cook (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Andrew Lechner A Bill To Make It Ilegal To Tie A Llama To A Stop Sign HB 13 House Transportation 4/10/2011
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