2010 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
126  Representative Clay Wooley (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Christopher Lewis Authorizing Elections for Public School Superintendents HB 26 House Education 4/16/2010
127  Senator Nicholas Romano (St. Stanislaus)   Minimum working age SB 15 Senate Health & Human Services 4/16/2010
128  Representative Mary Caroline Presley (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Jaymie Smith AN ACT TO LOWER THE INCREASE OF TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS OF SENIOR CITIZENS HB 30 House Transportation 4/16/2010
129  Representative Anna Lemaitre (Resurrection Middle)   AN ACT TO PROHIBIT THE USE OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ADMISSIONS AND JOB APP HB 25 House Education 4/16/2010
130  Representative Janavian Stallworth (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Madison Frazier WELFARE DRUG TESTING SB 14 Senate Health & Human Services 4/16/2010
131   Bill Withdrawn by Sponsor 4/16/2010
132  Representative Claire Bosarge (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Victoria Burrow HIGHWAY SOLAR POWERED LIGHTS SB 01 Senate Transportation 4/16/2010
133  Senator Elizabeth Newton (Resurrection Middle)   Bottle Bill SB 17 Senate Health & Human Services 4/16/2010
134  Representative Allison Frock (Clinton Christian Academy)  Senator Olivia Lee Enhanced Vehicle Inspections HB 29 House Transportation 4/18/2010
135  Representative Meliah Grant (Clinton Christian Academy)  Representative Stephen Spears Regulating Aggressive Dogs SB 30 Senate Health & Human Services 4/18/2010
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