2010 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
116  James Martin (Jackson Prep Middle)  Luke Wise Allowing MS Citizens A Choice When Purchasing Health Insurance 3/4/2011
117  Representative Charles McEuen (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Robert Tramel Requiring Random Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients SB 16 Senate Health & Human Services 4/16/2010
118  Representatvie Jesse Pound (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Burney Threadgill Choice for Arbitration Panels to Conduct Medical Malpratice Hearings SB 10 Senate Judicial 4/16/2010
119  Representative Taylor Zhang (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Amy Woods Tax Credit for Students Attending Private Secondary Schools HB 22 House Education 4/16/2010
120  Representative Kari Ann Buckels (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Meagan Robinson Requring Jail Time for Cruelty to Animals SB 11 Senate Judicial 4/16/2010
121  Representative Jessica Patch (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Rachel Carlton Requiring Regulation of All Home Warranty Policies HB 01 House Transportation 4/16/2010
122  Representative Taylor Patterson (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Caroline Garraway Donation of Leftover School Food to Food Banks SB 20 Senate Education 4/16/2010
123  Representative Sydney Crawley (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Allen Spencer Right to Vote on Commercial Property Zoning Laws HB 04 House Transportation 4/16/2010
124  Representative Allie Hobby (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Bonnie Blackmon Cruelty to Cats and Dogs a Felony Crime SB 13 4/16/2010
125  Representative Ashleigh Harrison (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Mary Stewart Hurst Required Testing for Drivers Over Age 75 SB 02 Senate Transportation 4/16/2010
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