2010 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
96  Representative Erika Rigby (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Lauren Liebkemann Driver's Education Bill HB 08 House Judicial 4/16/2010
97  Representative Sofia Taconi (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Katherine Kyriakoudes A Library in Every County Bill SB 25 Senate Education 4/16/2010
98  Representative Anna Taconi (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Jenny Byrne Nutrition Facts HB 21 House Education 4/16/2010
99  Representative Sydney Gargiulo (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Courtney Geroux Marked Licenses for Sex Offenders SB 05 Senate Transportation 4/16/2010
100  Representative Claire Burkes (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Madison Schloemer Hunting Permit SB 08 Senate Judicial 4/16/2010
101  Representative Kaley Geroux (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Jenna Trapani Blue Heron Sanctuaries HB 03 House Transportation 4/16/2010
102  Representative Gina Grotkowski (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Natalie Brown Relocation of Animals in Mississippi SB 18 Senate Health & Human Services 4/16/2010
103  Representative Abby Gollott (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Megan Krynen YOUTH LICENSE FOR CHILDREN TO OPERATE SMALL VEHICLES HB 06 House Transportation 4/16/2010
104  Representative Madison Huey (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Emma Holland To make animal cruelty a felony SB 12 Senate Judicial 4/16/2010
105  Representative Emma Welch (Our Lady Academy)  Senator Sarah Reed School Recycling Systems SB 21 Senate Education 4/16/2010
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