2009 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
61  Senator Emily Adele Guida (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Sophie Peden Kremer Requirement of Nutritional information on food served in schools SB 27 Senate Ways & Means 3/26/2009
62  Senator Ali Fore (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Michie Guida Clean Hands Act of 2009 SB 30 Senate Ways & Means 3/26/2009
63  Senator Phillip Rizk (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Preston Cox TAX CREDIT FOR PAYING PRIVATE SCHOOL TUITION SB 28 Senate Ways & Means 3/25/2009
64  Representative Taylor Tubertini (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Maci Eschette AN ACT TO PROHIBIT SMOKING NEAR BUILDING ENTRANCES AND REQUIRING OWNERS TO ERECT PROHIBITION SIGNS. HB 28 House Ways & Means 3/26/2009
65  Representative Rose Turner (The Veritas School)  Senator Regan Bryan Seatbelt Safety Requirement for All Ages HB 31 Senate Ways & Means 3/30/2009
66  Senator Clint Vancourt (St. Stanislaus)  Representative Josh Williams Affirmative Action SB 29 Senate Ways & Means 3/26/2009
67  Senator Raven Gutierrez (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Shelby Schepens School Recycling Program SB 32 Senate Ways & Means 3/30/2009
68   Bill Withdrawn by Sponsor 6/17/2019
69  Senator Dalton Gamache (St. Patrick High School)  Representative Jeffrey Holt Saftey in pickup trucks SB 31 Senate Health & Human Services 3/30/2009
70  Representative Cory Krivanic (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Zack Waldrop A Bill To Increase the Safety of All School Students in the State of Mississippi HB 32 House Ways & Means 3/31/2009
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