2009 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
51  Representative Zachary Mitchell (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Tiana Bridges AN ACT TO ESTABLISH A CONTAINER DEPOSIT LAW IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI HB 20 House Health & Human Services 3/25/2009
52  Representative Steven Romero (Resurrection Middle)   AN ACT TO OMIT RULE 404(B) OF THE FEDERAL RULES OF EVIDENCE FOR FAMILY COURT HB 21 House Judicial 3/25/2009
53  Senator Leah Alda (Resurrection Middle)  Representative Kaley Swain AN ACT TO REQUIRE SCHOOLS TO RECYCLE ALL PAPERS, PLASTICS, AND ALUMINUMS. SB 25 Senate Education 3/25/2009
54  Represenative Charles Stevens (Resurrection Middle)  Representative Reed Williams AN ACT TO REQUIRE MALE AND FEMALE CAR INSURANCE RATES BE EQUAL IN COST. HB 22 House Ways & Means 3/25/2009
55  Representative Amanda Blackwell (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Laura Hickson AN ACT TO REQUIRE THAT ALL GIFT CARDS GIVEN BY MERCHANTS RETAIN THEIR FULL VALUE UNTIL USED. HB 23 House Ways & Means 3/25/2009
56  Representative Sara Martin (Resurrection Middle)  Representative Morgan Dunn AN ACT TO REQUIRE ALL PERSONS ON WELFARE TO LOCATE A JOB WITHIN ONE YEAR OF APPLYING TO HB 24 House Health & Human Services 3/25/2009
57  Mary Caroline Presley (Resurrection Middle)  Jaymie Smith AN ACT TO LOWER THE INCREASE OF TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS OF SENIOR CITIZENS 3/31/2010
58  Representative Darbi Grace Smith (Madison-Ridgeland Middle)  Representative Aly Tharp Contract License Renewal Every 5 years HB 25 House Judicial 3/26/2009
59  Representative Kailey Mathis (Madison-Ridgeland Middle)  Senator Anna Nicole Webster Lengthen the Normal School Day HB 26 House Education 3/25/2009
60  Representative Caroline Daggett (Madison-Ridgeland Middle)  Senator Brantley Walton Public Notice for an Increase in Gas Prices HB 27 House Health & Human Services 3/25/2009
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