2009 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
41  Representative Emily Kelly (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Zack Watson Consolidation of Public School District Administrations HB 11 House Education 3/25/2009
42  Representative Joy Waller (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Mallory McLemore Move Retirement Age of Highway Patrolman from Sixty to Sixty-Five HB 12 House Judicial 3/25/2009
43  Representative Kari Ann Buckels (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Rachel Carlton Restriction of the Right of Eminent Domain by Amending MS Code of 1972 HB 16 House Judicial 3/26/2009
44  Representative Avery Burns (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Carson Bailey Requiring All Railroad Crossings to Have an Operating Safety System HB 13 House Health & Human Services 3/25/2009
45  Representative Madeline Porter (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Allie Hobby Using Revenue from Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthy Meals at Schools HB 14 House Education 3/25/2009
46  Representative Kate Culbertson (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Evelyn Field Providing Student Healthcare Coverage for School Sporting Events HB 15 House Education 3/25/2009
47   Bill Withdrawn by Sponsor 3/31/2009
48  Representative Meredith Gioe (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Annie Taylor Exemption of out-of-state fees for children of alumni HB 17 House Education 3/25/2009
49  Representative Amber Rigby (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Cecilia Criddle AN ACT TO REQUIRE APPLICANTS TO RECEIVE SCHOOL BUS LICENSES TO BE TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF AGE. HB 18 House Education 3/25/2009
50  Representative Victoria Demetropoulos (Resurrection Middle)  Senator Sarah Williams AN ACT OF DIVIDING HIGH SCHOOL INTO A QUARTER SYSTEM. HB 19 House Education 3/25/2009
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