2009 Session

Electronic Bill Rooms:

Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
31  Representative Anthony Depreo (St. Stanislaus)  Senator Bingham Wikoff MEMA Temporary Housing HB 03 House Health & Human Services 3/25/2009
32  Representative Mellie Weitzel (St. Patrick High School)  Senator Meghan Whitehead An Act to increase the penalties for the first offense of drunk driving HB 04 House Judicial 3/25/2009
33  Representative Ross Chandler (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Christopher Lewis Inclusion of a State Income Tax Expenditure Survey to MS Tax Return HB 05 House Ways & Means 3/25/2009
34  Representative Nirja Gajjar (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Macy Price Requiring High School Students to take an Emergency Aid Class HB 06 House Education 3/25/2009
35  Representative Evans Horsley (Jackson Prep Middle)  Representative Frances Carter Requiring Only Names of People Remaining in an Election be on a Ballot HB 29 House Judicial 3/26/2009
36  Representative Addison Arledge (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Mary Stewart Hurst Authorizing a $100/month Tax Credit to Individuals Improving Their Health HB 30 House Ways & Means 3/26/2009
37  Representative Nabhan Karim (Jackson Prep Middle)   Requiring Public Colleges to Accept Bimonthly Tuition Payments HB 07 House Education 3/31/2009
38  Representative Sidney Lampton (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Scotty Wofford An Act to Purge Mississippi Voter Rolls HB 08 House Judicial 3/25/2009
39  Representative Kirby Parker (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Zac Zachow An Act to Establish a State Lottery HB 09 House Ways & Means 3/25/2009
40  Representative Taylor Patterson (Jackson Prep Middle)  Senator Caroline Garraway An Act to Decrease Crop Damages and Auto Accidents Caused by Deer HB 10 House Health & Human Services 3/25/2009
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