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2010 Session

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Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
292  Z Representative Stephen Wolcott (Madison-Central High School)  Z Senator Richard Fairchild Establishing a Statewide Database to Track Ammunition SB 21 Senate Health & Human Services 10/28/2010
293  Z Representative Carissa Howie (Madison-Central High School)  Z Senator Parker King AN ACT TO TOUGHEN THE PENALTY OF PHYSICIAN-ASSISTED SUICIDE IN MISSISSIPPI SB 14 Senate Health & Human Services 11/2/2010
294  Z Representative Melissa Curtis (Madison-Central High School)  Z Senator Shelby Nordan To require that parents present evidence of citizenship when registering their babies HB 37 House Education 10/28/2010
295  Z Representative Emily McBride (Madison-Central High School)  Z Senator Lilly Meeks Move Disabled Vehicles HB 63 House Judicial 11/1/2010
296  Z Representative Hunter Bonham (Madison-Central High School)  Z Senator Benjamin Branson BAN CELL PHONE USE BY TAXI DRIVERS, LIMO DRIVERS, AND BUS DRIVERS HB 62 House Judicial 11/3/2010
297   Bill Withdrawn by Sponsor 10/28/2010
298  Z Representative Stephanie Miller (Gulfport High Legislature)  Z Senator Ryan Sheckart Equal Grading Scale SB 42 Senate Education 10/28/2010
299  Z Representative Ieshia Smith (Gulfport High Legislature)  Z Senator Gena Nicholes College Education for Parents out of High School SB 43 Senate Education 10/28/2010
300   Bill Withdrawn by Sponsor 10/28/2010
301  X Representative Brock Richardson (Gulfport High Legislature)  X Senator Grant Gutierrez HOTEL TAX HOLIDAY SB 23 Senate Education 10/28/2010
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