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2012 Session

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Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
724  Jefferson Representative Read Carlton (Jackson Prep High School)  Jefferson Senator Brittany Nguyen An act to amend the Mississippi Constitution SB 32 Senate Judicial 11/5/2012
725  Jefferson Representative Harley Miller (Our Lady Academy)  Jefferson Representative Katherine Taylor Repealing the Environmental Compliance Cost SB 33 Senate Health & Human Services 11/5/2012
726  Jefferson Representative Jordan Barclay (Jackson Prep High School)  Jefferson Representative John William Creel Eudora Welty Day HB 32 House Education 11/5/2012
727  Jefferson Representative Balius Lee (Our Lady Academy)  Jefferson Senator Mary Michael Collins Prohibiting high school athletic practices HB 33 House Education 11/5/2012
728  Hamilton Representative Mattie Huey (Our Lady Academy)  Hamilton Senator Lexi Smith Change the name of the Gulf of Mexico SB 34 Senate Judicial 11/5/2012
729  Hamilton Representative Alyssa Theobald (Our Lady Academy)  Hamilton Senator Whitney Grannan Mandatory Seatbelts For Pets While In Vehicles SB 35 Senate Transportation 11/5/2012
730  Hamilton Representative Brooke Gibson (St. Patrick High School)  Hamilton Senator Mary Rebecca Schloegel Admission change for teens HB 34 House Health & Human Services 11/5/2012
731  Hamilton Representative Mary Chiang (Madison-Central High School)  Hamilton Senator Lan Chen Requiring Trees To Be Planted SB 36 Senate Health & Human Services 11/5/2012
732  Hamilton Representative Kara Krivanec (St. Patrick High School)  Hamilton Senator Leah O'Neill Lowered Massage Age HB 35 House Health & Human Services 11/5/2012
733  Hamilton Representative Joseph Garland (Jackson Prep High School)  Hamilton Representative Jamey McDowell A Tax on Trans Fat HB 36 House Health & Human Services 11/5/2012
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