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2012 Session

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Bill # Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Bill Title Bill Code Committee Last Update
714  Jefferson Representative Frances Lawson (Biloxi High School)  Jefferson Senator Olivia Stuart Taxation on Imported Shrimp SB 26 Senate Judicial 11/5/2012
715  Jefferson Representative Laurel Stringer (St. Patrick High School)  Jefferson Representative Hannah Bonner Require tarps over truckbeds HB 28 House Transportation 11/5/2012
716  Jefferson Representative Alexis McCadney (Southaven High School)   Teaching Tolerance HB 29 House Education 11/5/2012
717  Jefferson Representative Tyler Harless (Hillcrest Christian Legislature)  Jefferson Representative Ian Childress Sound Ordinance Exemption SB 27 Senate Transportation 11/5/2012
718  Jefferson Representative Nicholas Weaver (Jackson Prep High School)  Jefferson Representative Mary Hailey Sinyard MISSISSIPPI PUBLIC SCHOOL REFORM SB 28 Senate Education 11/5/2012
719   Jefferson Representative Christopher Lewis (Jackson Prep High School)  Jefferson Senator Emily Payne AN ACT TO CREATE THE MISSISSIPPI COMMON SCHOLAR'S GRANT HB 30 House Education 11/5/2012
720  Jefferson Representative Gina Grotkowski (Our Lady Academy)  Jefferson Representative Rachel Spiers Legal blood alcohol concentration level when operating a boat. SB 29 Senate Judicial 11/5/2012
721  Jefferson Representative Jessie Cox (Jackson Prep High School)  Jefferson Senator Rachel Carlton AN ACT TO LEGALIZE THE SALE OF HORSE MEAT HB 31 House Health & Human Services 11/5/2012
722  Jefferson Representative Kaley Geroux (Our Lady Academy)  Jefferson Representative Jenna Trapani Madatory personal finance Course for high school students SB 30 Senate Education 11/5/2012
723  Jefferson Representative Ava Gorman (Our Lady Academy)  Jefferson Representative Briana Woods Open Alcohol Container Bill SB 31 Senate Transportation 11/5/2012
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